Cool Kids Travel – About Us

Hi, I’m Lindsey, mum to Isaac and Archie and wife to my invisible husband who appears periodically, against his will, in the pictures. Thanks for taking time to read it!

I’ve been travelling with my kids since they were small but, in the past, had found  planning child friendly holidays a nightmare. At one end of the spectrum are super expensive package holidays and at the other, hideous holiday cottages with loungefuls of mismatched armchairs like the ones you see in old folks homes. Surely there must be cool, inexpensive places to take kids that aren’t utterly hideous I ranted to anyone who would listen, typing ‘cool’ ‘kids’ ‘travel’ into google every chance I got. How do you know where to go? How do you know where to stay? I don’t want to go package to Spain with a bloody kids club!

And so, Coolkidstravel was born. I started this blog as a way of documenting our travels, home and abroad along with days out and weekends away, in the hope that families planning similar trips will find the information useful. None of our trips are excessively expensive and we are big fans of finding ways to travel cheaply without compromising on comfort or style.

We love a city break, a road trip, a cottage by the sea and more than anything, eating local food in incredible places. We’ve had disastrous camping trips, eaten prawns with the shells on by accident and walked across a museum exhibit of an actual Roman Road because we didn’t understand the sign. We’ve watched the sun set over the Pacific, driven round hairpin bends to hidden Mallorcan coves and taken a train journey around Italy in a heatwave.

I hope this blog gives you some ideas for your family trips and that you find it useful.

Lindsey x